The other day there was a picture in The Nation showing a vendor selling colourful 'lotas outside the Punjab Assembly. One wonders why this man selected this particular site when inside the Assembly there are already elected 'lotas in big numbers. These elected ones also differ in colours and sizes, depending on which region they come from. Available for sale to all and sundry who are in a political turmoil, they often prefer to land in the lap of the highest bidder. But, unlike the traditional 'lotas who serve their owners loyally and for long, these opportunistic ones glaringly lack these attributes. And, since they are not sold under a warranty, they keep the new alliance constantly on tenterhooks and have no qualms in betraying it when they fail to procure more unreasonable favours. Having divorced themselves from the alliance, they now move on in search of greener pastures elsewhere. FAROOQ ZAMAN, Lahore, March 15.