KARACHI (PR) - Élan lawn launch by Khadijah Shah in collaboration with Hussein Mills Limited was a tremendous success. The high end fashion met couture infused with timeless sophistication and glamour. Throngs of people purchased Élan lawn prints which shortly went out of stock. The inspiration for this collection comes from an array of sources both locally and internationally but the underlying influence remains a dominant use of bright bold colors and an abundance of intermixing patterns.

The prints are based on floral, geometric, oriental, Turkic and Indian motifs making the collection abundantly versatile and offering something for everyone.

The collection offers fifteen designs in two color ways each, giving our patrons maximum choice. The color palette is diverse and on trend for spring/summer 2013 showcasing a variety of hues such as lush greens and blues, berry pinks and sunshine yellows.

“An exquisite fusion of nature and luxury, the fifteen prints comprises of Crown Jewels, Opium Indulgence, Spice Route, Belle de Jour, Bleu de chine, Shalimar, Princess Topkapi, Gypsy Love, Persian Dreams and more,” said Khadijah Shah, Creative Director at Élan.