When an elected executive fails to enforce strict regulatory controls, rule of law by checks and balances and responsible parliamentary supervision with strong judicial oversight, than such a government degenerates into an elected tyrannical dictatorship, functioning like a mafia whose hands are tainted with immoral and illegal acts. An elected government found involved in plundering state lands has failed to perform its duty as custodian of state assets and therefore no legitimacy or moral high ground to hold such elected public office. This has been the misfortune of Pakistan, ever since demise of Quaid-i-Azam.

Democracy is defined as rule of laws, not of individuals or cult like political parties. The problem is with elected political leaders, who want to act like monarchs, abuse state assets as if they had occupied the country, appoint unqualified cronies, patronize target killers and extortionists. It is only then that people are forced to consider the difference between an abusive tin pot dictator, and a corrupt elected democratic regime. People of Pakistan have a hard deal, choosing between the devil and deep sea, for both have only added to their woes. The land mafia is seen to have intruded into every party, some totally captive to them, others in their influence.


Lahore, March 2.