ISLAMABAD  - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has planned to soon set up more parks and playgrounds in Islamabad to provide maximum recreational spots to the people.At present there are 178 small and six big parks in the Federal Capital but as the population have increased over these are not sufficient to cater increasing public needs. “In the year 2007-08, the population of Islamabad was just 0.8 million but now it has jumped to 1.6 million. Hence, the existing parks and playgrounds are not enough to accommodate the public demands,” a CDA official told APP.He said that the civic body was being given Rs. 16 million by the government every year for the development of parks. We have formed associations in every sector of the Capital to look after these parks and playgrounds, he said. He said steps were being taken to improve the condition of existing playgrounds and parks in the Capital. He said the CDA with the cooperation of police was taking measures to stop unfair use of public parks and grounds. 

Police have started taking action against those individuals who were involved in illegal chopping of trees or misusing public parks.