BAJAUR AGENCY – Member National Assembly from Bajaur Agency, AkhoonZada Chatan, on Friday said that the Pakistan people’s party-led federal government had taken all possible measures for the socio-economic development of tribesmen.

Addressing at a public meeting here, he said that the five years performance of the PPP led-federal government was remarkable and the government had done extraordinary efforts for the welfare of tribesmen.

“I myself and the government had made historic efforts for the socio economic development of the region which were remained milestones in the history of the agency,” he said.

Chatan said that extension of political party act to tribal areas and reforms in Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR) and increasing of annual development funds were the significant efforts by the federal government and  the tribal people will always remembers it.

He said that after the extenuation of political party act in the tribal area the people are well aware from his rights and they knew their needs and no one would ignored them more from their basics rights.

He said that as result of the government efforts the life standards of the people of tribal areas had been improved and tribesmen are enjoying the basic civic facilities.

He said that being a legislature he used all of his capabilities and skills only for the welfare of the people and had never compromised on the interests of Bajaur.

“I’m ready for the accountability and if any have an evidence of corruption they must bring in to my notice,” he added.

On this occasion, dozens of tribesmen from different areas of the agency have announced to join Pakistan people party.