MULTAN - World Water Assembly (WWA) Chief Coordinator Hafiz Zahoorul Hassan Dahar has warned that Pakistan is about to become barren because of water terrorism of India, hurling a warning that Indian water aggression is pushing the sub-continent towards a horrible nuclear clash.

Talking to The Nation here on Friday, he added that India had waged water war against Pakistan by blocking the water of rivers like Chenab, Jehlum, Indus and their tributaries coming to Kargil from occupied Kashmir. “It is obvious that the third world war will take place on water. The only way to stop this war is to restrict India from constructing dams on Pakistani rivers and blocking their water,” he suggested. He said that India would drop water bomb on Pakistan in terms of drought and famine after the completion of its dam construction projects. He said that it was a big challenge for 180 million Pakistanis to stop India from constructing dams on Pakistani rivers.

Referring to international situation, he said that attempts were being made to divert the conventional routes of ancient rivers which jeopardized the lives of 2.80 billion residents of this globe. Declaring these attempts unlawful, he warned that this activity would prove major cause for the destruction of world.

He lashed out at the Pakistani authorities responsible for construction of Indian dams, saying our corrupt establishment kept mum for a long time and extended full support to India in constructing the dams after receiving dollars. He said that India had acquired the capability to destroy a nuclear state without firing even a single bullet. “In order to divert world’s attention from her water aggression, India has waged a terrorism war against Pakistan and today our country is bleeding from Karachi to Peshawar,” he regretted. He said that all canals, barrages and dams were about to dry down because of Indian aggression but our politicians were still fighting on petty issues instead of taking up this serious issue.