LAHORE – Special protocol for metro bus on undedicated track on Ravi Road has been causing a public nuisance.

Moreover, the incomplete portion of the service-dedicated road from Niazi Chowk to Old Ravi Toll Plaza has been adding to traffic troubles.

Police stop commuters to get a metro bus move through Azadi Chowk and Niazi Chowk. Commuters have been reciting a litany of complaints of traffic troubles. Hundreds of people move through these squares while scores of shops are situated alongside the Ravi Road – a fact that planners apparently overlooked while planning for the projects. According to commuters and cops displayed for the purpose, the planners must stretch the Asia’s longest bridge some meters more. They dubbed the project as wastage of billions of rupees as it has not been serving the purpose for what it had been brought in.

Long queues can be seen at Azadi Chowk, Niazi Chowk and on Ravi Bridge where stranded people curse cops and authorities. Moreover, scuffles and minor accidents were also reported. However, wardens and police say they (cops) and public are on the same page over the issue.

According to sources, the completion of this Rs 5 billion portion of MBS has been put off due to lack of funds.

Rightly or wrongly, frugally or lavishly, now that Rs30 billion of public money has been spent, it must be brought to most proficient use. The kind of initial glitches that led the operators to restrict the access to the service must be removed through sensitising the public and introduction of innovate techniques by the managers.

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