SIALKOT - After the regular start of Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College’s classes at the Govt Allama Iqbal Memorial Teaching Hospital, the management has closed down the TB Ward for the outdoor patients due to shortage of space.

The closure of the TB Ward has created apprehension among people. They said that they had been deprived of the treatment facility locally. As many as 1,500 TB patients visit the ward every month for anti TB treatment.

When contacted, Dr Zafar Ali Chaudhry, principal of the college, said that the TB Ward had been closed down because of the less number of TB patients and shortage of the space for the medical students’ classes. He said that there was no need of separate ward for the TB patients, he added.

He said that the ratio of TB patients need to be hospitalised was one or two percent for which the hospital management had made arrangements at the medical ward for this purpose. He made it clear that the TB patients had not been denied medical treatment at the hospital, saying that 99 percent TB patients were being treated at outdoor department, while  the rest of them, though very small in number, were also being admitted and treated at the medical ward.

He said that the students were in dire need of the hostels, adding that a special task had been given to the contactor concerned to ensure the construction of separate hostels for male and female students till June, 2013.