The committees, which remained conspicuous by their performance, included Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms, Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Public Accounts Committee (PAC). The 18th, 19th and 20th amendments were mainly the work of Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms which purged the constitution of dictatorial imprints and brought major improvements to it. The PAC’s performance was unprecedented as it recovered around 138 billion rupees of the national exchequer from different entities, besides clearing 40 years of backlog. Under the dynamic chairmanship of Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Leader of Opposition, the committee also presented the reports of audit clearance before the assembly. After Nisar’s stepping down, new chairman Nadeem Afzal Chan of the PPP continued the work with the same pace. In past year or so Chan traced out anomalies of Rs23 billion in the audit of various departments, in addition to the recoveries of Rs115 made under Nisar’s chairmanship. The Parliamentary Committee on National Security made valuable contribution on the counter-terror strategy of the government and for the first time Pakistani nation owned the ongoing war on terror. It also gave foreign policy guidelines with specific reference to Pakistan’s relations with the United States and Nato which were brought under a partial parliamentary oversight.