KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement Chief Altaf Hussain has said that the Pakistan Peoples Party government would not be able to complete four months, if MQM had not extended unshakeable support to it.

Taking to the coordination committee via telephone, he said that democratic process in the country would have also suffered if the MQM had withdrawn its support.

Altaf said that the MQM was working for the rights of common people against the feudal system while aiming to eliminate the culture of dynastic politics in the country.  He said, “Although we have not achieved success in our struggle yet I pay tribute to the coordination committee, elected representatives and office-bearers and workers of the MQM for making sincere efforts for establishing just system in Pakistan in which the rich and the poor had equal rights.

 I commend them for making genuine efforts to eliminate the discrimination in every department of life.”

He further said that the true democracy indefinable during the past 65 years and mostly governments failed to complete their period.

“The PPP government could not have completed its tenure if the MQM had not given its support in every difficult time. The democratic system could have been derailed because the PPP adopted policies against the interests of the people. We used to point it out to the PPP but they never changed despite their promises,” he added.

He said PPP did not value our unconditional support and preferred criminals over true friends despite embracing extortionists, kidnappers and hardened criminals who cut the heads of innocent people.

Altaf appealed to younger generation, students, workers, labourers, lawyers, doctors and engineers to use the power of vote in upcoming election in favour of MQM.