The state being at its most vulnerable to terrorist activities is prone to be apprehensible about the coming elections as these elements can effect negatively on the country’s security. The militants would hit the election campaigns and consequently there would be fewer turnout of voters under these grave circumstances. It would also become difficult for the caretaker government to deploy the machinery for election arrangements and leave the arena open for transgressors. The flourishing democracy entails healthy and productive environment.

Mr Malik, the interior minister, admits the magnitude of threat and warns that if the present situation remains unchanged the election could be delayed. The president has directed the Sindh government to take stern action against the perpetrators of violence and said that the militants would not be allowed to subvert the elections. Both the statements imply that threat exists. It is the time to stand for the survival of democracy and conducting free and fair elections. It is incumbent upon all political parties to render their support to curb the existential threats and to uphold the sanctity of elections. Any kind of disturbance in the electoral process would invite a non-democratic rule, which could be fatal.


Lahore, March 9.