SHERGARH - As the annual Urs of Hazrat Syed Ibrahim popularly known as Hazrat Daud Bandgi Kirmani kick started here the other day.

Though the Urs celebrations is an auspicious occasion various crimes and social evils including plundering, pick-pocketing, theft, drug peddling and vulgarity reached their peak allegedly under the patronage of local police while the DPO remained unaware of the whole situation.

In this regard, a joint meeting of Markazi Anjuman-e-Tajran, Human Rights Welfare Organisation, Jamaat Ahle Sunnat, Labaik Ya Rasulallah Tehreek, Muslim League (Youth Wing) and other social and religious organisations unanimously condemned the vulgarity and obscenity being spread under the cover of ‘variety shows’ and crimes like extortion, theft, looting, pick-pocketing, liquor brewing and drug peddling being committed under the patronage of police. Talking to journalists, Markazi Anjuman Tajran general secretary Imran Zahid Khokar said that professional call girls, dacoits and pickpockets had suddenly cropped up with the start of the sacred event and were carrying out their criminal activities unchecked with the ‘support of police’.

Pakistan Muslim League-N (Youth wing) President Syed Mohsin Zaman Kirmani and Jamaat Ahle Sunnat President Mian Amjad saleem claimed that Shergarh Police SHO seemed to have given a licence to these criminals and drug pushers to continue with their business and professional girls to lead the youth astray.

When contacted, Okara District Police Officer (DPO) Dr Haider Ashraf denied having knowledge of all these criminal and immoral activities. People have demanded the Sahiwal RPO and Okara DPO to take immediate action against the criminal gangs and dens of debauchery allegedly operating under the patronage of local police.