The United States on Friday said it looks forward to timely, free and fair elections in Pakistan, as the country's parliament successfully completes its five year term.

"The Pakistani parliament is planning to complete its term on Saturday. We look forward to timely, free and fair elections that will result in the first civilian democratic transition in Pakistan's history," State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters at her daily news conference.

Responding to questions, Nuland said the US supports direct dialogue between India and Pakistan to improve their relationships.

"We have been strongly supporting, both on the Indian side and the Pakistani side, direct dialogue between them, an improvement in their relationship. They've already made some good strides on the economic side, on the visa side," she said.

"We want that to continue. We want it to be expanded to some of these security concerns that they have with each other," Nuland said.

Asked about Christian’s protests in US and Pakistan over the burning of their houses in Lahore, Nuland said the US has a very strong and continuing human rights dialogue with Pakistan as part of larger bilateral relationship.