According to senior analysts on the Musharraf case, cards are in the ex-dictator’s favor at this moment. If it were possible, according to those keeping tabs on the treason trial, he would have been arrested by now and swift action would have taken place. This sway in his favor is due to the military positioning itself on his side while the civilian government, on the surface, remains at a loss as far as legal action is concerned. Apparently, the army has decided not to allow his indictment while the premier and allies are committed to it. To make matters even more confusing for the average person, the army and the premier sit together. This ambiguity is certainly not optimal for judges and AFIC doctors as they are caught in the middle of it.

What is obvious in this scenario is that our military retains enough power to create hurdles in the successful indictment of Pervez Musharraf. In our national history, we have witnessed the hegemony and control our generals have on legal affairs. You could say our men in khaki wield more say on what happens and – in Musharraf’s case – what doesn’t happen to someone favorable in their own eyes. This spells frustration and, naturally, resentment against the armed forces and the inefficiency of our judiciary. To assess how seriously the former COAS takes this case against him, simply consider his umpteenth failure to show up before court. One begins to think these cited ‘security concerns’ are simply attempts at stalling his own indictment. Counsels on his side have gone as far as saying that background checks need to be conducted on the security personnel deployed for Musharraf’s security and this could take “at least 6 weeks.”

The reality here is as depressing as it is simple: The army calls the shots in Pakistan. If our khaki wardi walay (men in khaki uniform) wanted Musharraf held accountable for his misconduct – whether holding the Constitution in abeyance, extra-judicial execution of Bugti, the forced displacement of journalists and other citizens, the crushing steps against dissent and more – they would have held him to task. Here, in our land of the pure, justice is not exactly imparted on impartial terms free of bias and meddling. In our country, as history has shown us over and over again, criminals are brought to justice only if the powerful decrees it. And if they don’t, you are more than free to go.