Tharparkar is hit by drought every two or three years. After 67 year of independence our government and concerned authorities have still not been able to come up with any proper solution to this catastrophe? We are a free nation, with a democratic government, and still unable to fix these recurring problems, which do have solutions! The recent deaths and hunger has been highlighted and people are rushing to provide temporary aid but what about next year and the years to come?

Will our Federal and Provincial governments continue to sleep and ignore all these issues, when the health minister is related to the Chief Minister Sindh, and so are all the other people appointed, who will even bother to slap a wrist, leave alone remove these incompetent officers of the state! Though it is the responsibility of Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah to take action against the concerned his hands are tied as they are all his relatives or related to other powerful families of Sindh. This should actually be a death call for the CM but he will survive, as he has done before.


Karachi, March 9.