ISLAMABAD- Chairman Imran Khan expressed serious concern over the expanding protest by nurses and demanded that they be given proper contracts and better working conditions and pay scales.

In a statement issued today, he strongly condemned the police action against peacefully protesting nurses in Lahore, which led to the death of one nurse. Khan said it was shameful to see care givers being attacked by Punjab police instead of being given a just hearing for their demands. Nurses in Pakistan provide care under difficult circumstances and often in a hostile work environment.

Imran Khan said the crucial care giver role of nurses has never been recognised by the government and instead they continue to be mistreated.

It was unacceptable to see the police beating them up when the government should be lauding their services.

Khan said he was astounded to find the Punjab police targeting women and freeing a rapist earlier in Muzaffargarh. This led to the death of a young girl - the victim of rape - who burnt herself when police sided with the rapist.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan stated it was shocking to see the police targeting the vulnerable segments of society, especially young girls and working women like the nurses, while criminals seem to get police protection.

He demanded the Punjab government to recognise the problems of the nurses and resolve their issues positively. He also demanded the government of Punjab provide strong protection for girls and women and act decisively against rapists and other criminal elements.