Saleem Safi conducted a programme on March 10, 2014 where the guest speaker was Khatib Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid. This man does not understand any logic. He has a fixed vision about Islam and his thinking relates to an era when people covered themselves with leaves. He wants us to go back to that period. The man believes in the Constitution but says it is un-Islamic. In other words he wants to say that he believes in some thing which is unislamic. The man needs psychiatric treatment. He should not be allowed to perform the duty of a Khateeb at Lal Masjid. At Lal Masjid, young boys and girls had taken the area as hostage. A right action to disarm this rebellious group was taken by the then President of Pakistan. Abdul Aziz says that 500 women suicide bombers are available for duty ready to be launched any time. The government should take note of it.


Attock, March 10.