Austin, US-Lady Gaga had a friend vomit on her as she performed at South By Southwest. The controversial singer performed a special set at the US festival, in which she entertained the crowd with her provocative antics.

During the show Gaga invited friend Millie Brown on stage to assist on Swine. Millie, a “vomit painter”, proceeded to drink a full bottle of neon green liquid before forcing herself to throw up on the singer as she played the drums. Gaga had kicked off her appearance by roasting herself on a spit. The 27-year-old was wheeled onto the open air stage at Stubb’s BBQ on a spit as her dancers basted her with barbecue brushes.

“I love my fans because they always let me be myself and they don’t care what anybody says,” Gaga told the crowd. The show, sponsored by Doritos to benefit the star’s Born This Way Foundation, lasted for around an hour and also saw the singer in a self-reflective mood. As she got ready to perform her song Dope, she told the crowd: “It’s so much easier to be yourself than it is to be somebody else. Because then you have to pretend to be someone else and like things that you don’t like and do stuff that you don’t want to do.”