The recent events in Karachi and Islamabad reminds me of the old nursery rhyme, “The Three Blind Mice” and of the ‘Three Proverbial Monkeys’, Mizaru, who could see no evil, Kikazaru, who could hear no evil and Lwazaru, who could speak no evil.

 In our case, the three mice or the three proverbial monkeys are the government, the army and our beloved Awam. All three of them are aware of the threat that the Taliban pose for the nation, but refuse to see, listen or speak about what will happen to the country if the Taliban continue their March and take control of our cities and our nuclear facilities.

It is now an accepted fact that the Taliban are well established and have a well organized network throughout Pakistan, equipped with sophisticated and modern weapons. They have already captured a large portion of the tribal areas and are now preparing to grab the rest.

At the same time, the continuous and repeated daring attacks on our secured areas, including army and police installations, are a proof that their members have infiltrated these highly sensitive institutions, as such attacks are not possible without the help and assistance from the Enemy Within. To win back the hearts and minds of the young Jawans who have been influenced by the Taliban, is not going to be easy.

An email circulating on the internet from a Maj. (R ) Mahin Malik, states that he had attended a retired officers reunion dinner in which Gen. Ashfaque Kayani was present. During the long evening, there was an unexpected appearance of Capt Tariq Azizuddin, who had been released by the Taliban from their captivity the same day.

Capt Tariq was Pakistan's ambassador to Afghanistan at that time and was kidnapped by the Taliban a few months earlier and had been released by them after negotiations with the army and ISI.

They had sent him with a clear cut message for Gen. Kayani and the government, that they would unleash their Hounds of Baskerville and threatened an all out bombing campaign, assassinations of high officials, kidnapping for ransom, sending suicide bombers, attacks on the armed forces and the civilian population, sabotage and destruction of infrastructure throughout Pakistan, unless their demands were not met and imposition of their version of Sharia was not implemented in the country. (

That was back in 2008, but the threat had not been taken seriously and instead of the government and the army launching an all out war against the Taliban, they had behaved like the three proverbial monkeys and now we are paying the price of our state of denial, with the blood of the dead and the tears of their families.

The doves insist that only talks can achieve peace and cite Ireland and Spain as examples, while the hawks shriek, that talks are a sign of surrender and is like adding salt to the bleeding wounds of the families of the thousands who have been brutally butchered by the Taliban and gives them time and opportunity to organize and regroup themselves.

This view point has been cited by my friend, Irfan Husain in his weekly column, ‘Talking and Killing’ in the Dawn last Saturday: ‘As each bullet hit, there was a spray of blood. After this grisly execution was over, a bearded killer lectured viewers about the righteousness of the whole bloody business’.

‘I wish the many apologists of the Taliban would view this video clip on a big screen, then look the families of the dead soldiers in the eye, and justify their cowardly stance. I wonder how the comrades of the slaughtered FC men feel. In their place, I would be furious at not being allowed to avenge this massacre, as well as so many others’.

Many ask the question, why are the people of Pakistan not outraged by the beheading of the 23 Frontier Constabulary men in Mohmand Agency . Sadly, the citizens of Pakistan have been brutalized and seen so many horrifying pictures and videos, that they have stopped being OUTRAGED a long time back.

The March has come to a temporary halt and a cease fire between the government and the Taliban has been declared, but how long it will last is anybody’s guess and have their demands changed?

Many fear that making a deal with the Taliban and sleeping with the enemy, will lead to more violence and bloodshed, which could finally be the beginning of the end of our way of life.

Our governments have been using the Taliban as the ‘Bogey Men’ and crying ‘Wolf!’ to scare the West into pouring millions of dollars to fight them, but now, the Bogey Men have become a reality and have come to haunt us.

Taliban leaders have stated that Islam does not allow democracy or elections and they view democracy as a system imposed on us by the infidels and declared that they do not respect the Constitution of Pakistan or the laws of the country and want the supremacy of the Sharia Law in Pakistan.  

Up to now, the government has shown that it is at a loss on how to tackle the numerous problems that it is confronted with, including the failed Operation Clean Up in Sindh and the all important, elusive talks with the Taliban, which have led to the loss of many innocent lives.

The on-off talks have brought Pakistan once again under the international spotlight and every other day, there are negative reports about the country on CNN, BBC and even the leading International newspapers, showing video footage and pictures of beheaded soldiers, bleeding bodies, burning buildings and cars.

However, to its credit, the government has managed to control the Yankee Dollar and bring it down to below Rs 100 to a dollar, which many senior politicians had said was a Mission Impossible, including the seasoned and outspoken MNA, SR from Rawalpindi, who had boldly stated that he would resign and leave politics, if the Finance Minister succeeded in bringing the price of the US dollar down.

Let us see if SR sticks to his promise and resigns or will he, like Gen. Musharraf, who has made a mockery of our justice system and is now known as The Great Dodger, avoid his Day of Judgment also?

However, the Honorable judges of the Special Court have now ordered the former COAS, whose symbol of defiance were his clenched fists, to present himself in court on 31st March or face arrest. 

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