RAWALPINDI - The case of armed attack on a police party here at Kohlian Per area took a new twist on Saturday after it came to light that a sub-inspector along with others leaked information to the rivals about departure of police party to take their ‘enemy’ Malik Adeel into custody from the house of an influential person of the ruling party.

This information leakage by a police officer resulted in a well organised and brazen armed attack on police party in which Malik Adeel, the accused of injuring a man, was killed by his rivals while a sub inspector got injured. The reason behind this clash was that Malik Adeel shot and injured a man Mumraiz Bhatti on a petty issue some months ago. A case was registered with police station Saddar Bairooni on the application of Ansar Bhatti, the son of injured man.

“Former Chowky Ranyal In-charge, SI Safdar Hussain, provided information to Ansar Bhatti that a police party comprising SI Izhar Shah and constables Khizar Hayat and Faheem Khan left chowky for the residence of an influential politician belonging to the ruling party, where Adeel will be handed over to the police party,” a well-placed source in police disclosed to The Nation on Saturday.

Within no time, Ansar Bhatti, Arshad Bhatti and Khuram Bhatti reached chowky Ranyal and met with former in-charge SI Safdar, who had come to submit case record. SI Safdar even told them about police strength, weapons they have and the car registration number, the source added.

Getting this information, Ansar and his men left chowky, took their lethal weapons from homes and hid near Cheer Per, a place from where the police party was to pass through to reach back chowky with the accused. As the car of Izhar Shah reached there, all the attackers equipped with Kalashnikovs and 30-bore pistols intercepted them and sought custody of Adeel, source said, adding that police denied this and SI Izhar tried to point his pistol on the attackers but they fired and injured the SI. They also snatched gun from Khizar Hayat and pulled out its magazine, the source said.

Later, they sprayed a volley of bullets on Adeel, killing him on the spot. The attackers then hit the dead body of their rival with kicks, fired gunshots in air in jubilation and escaped, the source said.

The source also revealed that SI Izhar Shah gave a wrong statement that two armed cops Khizar Hayat and Faheem Khan had not retaliated and escaped at the time of attack. The two constables were put behind bars, besides filing a case against them.

Police also obtained mobile data of all the constables but could not prove their link with the attacking party. “They are innocent and should be released. Action should be taken against SI Safdar for leaking information,” source insisted. 

A senior police officer, seeking anonymity, also held SI Safdar responsible for attack on police party and murder of an accused. He informed that Bhatti group bribed Safdar for not arresting Adeel during his stay in office as Chowky in-charge as Bhatti group wanted to take revenge from Adeel outside the police station.

Another police source said that SI Safdar had developed grudges with SI Izhar Shah after he (Safdar) was removed from his post that was why he leaked all information which was, otherwise, a crime to reveal about any police raid.

SSP (Operations) Muhammad Maqbool, when approached in his office by this scribe, said that investigators had already decided to include SI Safdar and his personal driver Qaiser in investigations, as the driver twice rang up two constables bringing Adeel to the chowky to know about their location.

“The role of Safdar and Qaiser is suspicious in this case and we will grill them to reach the truth. We have sent their cell numbers to obtain data. Cases will be filed against them if their link is proved with attackers,” the SSP said, adding the involvement of two other constables Jamil Bhatti and Haris Bhatti, the relatives of Mumraiz and Ansar Bhatti, could not be ruled out in the attack as both visited Chowky on the day of incident and after that they were absent from duty. Both have been suspended and declared as wanted by police, he said.

The SSP said that police recovered more than 42 empty shells of Kalashnikovs and pistols from the crime scene.