A man put his three children - two daughters and a son up for sale due to abject poverty here on Saturday.

According to details, Baqir Hussain, a resident of Uch Sharif told the media that abject poverty had forced him to either sell his children or as he could see he could not see his children starving.

Baqir Hussain took his children to Khairpur Daha Road to sell his five-year-old son Hassan, three-year-old Ayesha and one and a half years old Sumaira.

They were carrying a banner “Children for Sale”.

He said that his lifelong savings including the house had been snatched and whatever property he had purchased for the children had been taken over by the powerful people of the city.

He claimed that he went to Karachi for finding work but could not be able to support his family, adding that now he had decided to sell his children to ‘save their life.’ “He is unable to feed the children and he who will purchase them at least will be in position to feed them,” he regretted.