PESHAWAR - After Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), two more militant groups have agreed on ceasefire for a limited time in Pakistan, local media, quoting sources, reported Saturday.

The talks between Taliban Shura and the dialogue committee in North Waziristan are bearing fruit, some analysts claim.

Two militant outfits, Al-Qaeda and Jundullah, have agreed on ceasefire in Pakistan at a joint meeting held somewhere in Afghanistan. Jundullah Commander Ahmed Marwat who had claimed an attack in a Peshawar cinema has announced that Al-Qaeda and Jundullah groups have suspended terrorist attacks in Pakistan for a limited time.

Commander Marwat said the decision was made at a joint meeting of the two militant groups in Afghanistan, which was also attended by Al-Qaeda leader Ahmed Yahya Ghaden. The groups have ceased their operations in Pakistan for a limited time, the reports said.