Calamities are generally bifurcated into Man-made and Natural. But most of the calamities are either man induced or produced. The tragedy of Tharpakar is due to the negligence of provincial as well as federal government. Since its inception, Pakistan has been facing in its arid parts drought as well as starvations and famines but never perpetual, effective and efficient measures have been taken over. Resultantly, we have to witness such a heartbreaking incident. Due to our reactive approach toward such preventable happenings, we add up to losses every year but do not take permanent steps. After the earthquake in 2005, we thought about the need of a disaster management authority though we were provided with funds by international donors before the earthquake year. Will we always repeat the history or will we ever learn lessons to get rid of such dilemmas? For the sake of Pakistan, our leaders should take collective proactive measures regarding permanent management of all kind of disasters to save Pakistan from such future tragedies.


Jhang, March 10.