ISLAMABAD - The administration of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has directed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to immediately take strict action against the unregistered religious seminaries operating in the federal capital, said the sources on Sunday.

They said the ICT administration in coordination with Intelligence Bureau and Special Branch Islamabad police have located 53 unregistered religious seminaries set up on the encroached land in the ICT limits. The administration has recently updated and consolidated the data on religious seminaries in the city. The report compiled by the two intelligence agencies said that there are 329 religious seminaries of different sects in the federal capital and out of which 53 are unregistered. In the light of said report, the ICT administration has written a letter to the CDA to take strict action against these unregistered religious seminaries. “Strict necessary action may please be taken against unregistered deeni madaris (religious seminaries) located on encroached land and this office may please be intimated in the matter,” said the letter written by Deputy Commissioner Islamabad office to the CDA. Majority of the unregistered religious seminaries are located in sector G of the capital and the area of Bhara Kahu.

In response to the ICT demand, the CDA held that out of these 53 unregistered seminaries, 37 are functioning outside its municipal limits, 3 are functioning in the residential houses in violation of building bylaws (nonconforming use) and 13 are functioning within the municipal limit of the ICT. Furthermore, the enforcement directorate of the CDA has asked its ‘Nonconforming Use Complaint Cell’ to take action against the owners of three residential houses where religious seminaries are operational in violation of building bylaws. The directorate has also sought report from its Planning Wing to clarify the status of 13 unregistered religious seminaries functioning within the municipal limits of Islamabad. However, the enforcement directorate opined that CDA cannot take action against those 37 unregistered religious seminaries which are functioning outside the municipal limits of Islamabad.

The letter written by the Deputy Commissioner Office also contains a list of unregistered religious seminaries and, according to which, 16 belong to Brelvi sect, 35 belong to Deobandi sect and one each to Shiite and Ahl-e-Hadith sects.

The unregistered religious seminaries include: Madrassa Darul Aloom Gulshan-e-Madina G-10/3 (Brelvi); Madrassa Darul Aloom Lil Binnat, G-11/1 (Brelvi); Madrassa Jamia Rizvia Ziaul Aloom, G-10/2, (Brelvi); Madrassa Shamsul Aloom, G-11/4, (Brelvi); Madrassa Ashraful Aloom, G-11/4, (Deobandi); Madrassa Tarteelul Qur’an Al Binnat, G-11/2, (Deobandi); Madrassa Noorul Huda, G-11/2, (Brelvi); Madrassa Darul Aloom Al-Binnat, G-11/1, (Brelvi); Madrassa Ghousia Qutabul Madaris, G-11/2, (Brelvi); Madrassa Jamiatul Muballigen, F-11/1 and G-11/2 (Shiite); Madrassa Noorul Qur’an, G-11/2, (Ahle Hadith); Madrassa Rahimia Faiz-e-Azam, G-11/2, (Brelvi); Madrassa Siddiqia Anwalul Qur’an, F-10/2 (Brelvi);  Madrassa Darul Huda, F-11/1, (Deobandi); Madrassa Tadreesul Qur’an, F-11/2, (Deobandi); Madrassa Usmania, F-11 Markaz, (Deobandi); Madrassa Jamia Babul Islam (Deobandi); Madrassa Darul Binnat Taleemul Qur’an, Village Rajwal, (Brelvi); Madrassa Haideria Ghoousia Farooqul Qur’an, GT Road, Swan Camp (Brelvi); Madrassa Kinzul Emaan, Jawa Road, Banni Saran, Rawat, (Brelvi); Madrassa Qadria Jilania, Moza Mughal Pari, Dhoke Ch M Khan, Sihala, (Brelvi); Madrassa Darul Aloom Haideria Ghousia Irfanul Qur’an, GT Road near Swan Camp, Sihala (Brelvi); Madrassa Arabia Islamia, Rawat, (Deobandi); Madrassa Jawadul Qur’an, Col Amanullah Road, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Ishaatul Islam, Shahpur, Phul Garaan, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Jamia Usmania Al Qur’an, Mohalla Usmania, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Arabia Riaz, New Abadi, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Fatimatul Zohra Lil Binnat, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Darul Hasnaat, Nain Sukh Mohalla, Raja Zubair, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Jamia Al Farooq, Bani Gala, (Deobandi); Madrassa Aisha Siddiqua Lil Binnat, Bani Gala, (Deobandi); Madrassa Syedna Siddiq-e-Akbar, Bani Gala, (Deobandi); Madrassa Syedina Bilal, Bara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Al Kousar Lil Binain, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Saadia Kholla Lil Binnat, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Talha Bin Abdullah, Sri Chowk, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Hadeeqa tul Aloom Islamia Lil Binnat, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Hafsa Umm-e-Saleem, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Dar ul Aloom, Dhoke Jilani, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Khadeejat ul Kubra Lil Binnat, Nai Abadi, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Jamia Usmania Ishaat ul Qur’an, Nai Abadi, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Abdul Raoof, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Khadeeja tul Kubra, Col Amanullah Road, Bhara Kahu, (Deobandi); Madrassa Ziaul Qur’an Phulgran, Bara Kahu, (Brelvi); Madrassa Ghousia Ziaul Aloom, Bhara Kahu, (Brelvi); Madrassa Syeda Hajra, Shehzad Town, (Deobandi); Madrassa Ashrafia, Shehzad Town, (Deobandi); Madrassa Tahfeezul Qur’an, Shehzad Town, (Deobandi); Madrassa Ameer Hamza Taleemul Qur’an, Murree Road, Islamabad, (Deobandi); Madrassa Akhtaria, Margalla Town, (Deobandi); Madrassa Jamia Tayyabia, Chatta Bakhtawar, (Deobandi); Madrassa Madina tul Ilam, Sohaan, (Deobandi); and Madrassa Siddiqia Tahfeez ul Qur’an, Madina Town, Khanna Sanum Chowk, (Deobandi).