The state of law and order is worsening as the writ of the government and its official institutions are busy in plundering national wealth without any remorse. A prominent example is PTA’s exercise of SIM verification which has been turned into a money making scheme. We remember how poor people were allured by high premium on SIMS taken in Karachi and sold in Lahore a few years back. The Bahria Town forms are always sold on a premium in the market; nowhere in the world do such things done openly to deceive the public.

Air Blue airline is fleecing its customers, who are asking for reimbursement for tickets not utilised because of flimsy verification gimmick. IATA rules state that only Rs 2500 needs be deducted and the rest returned but the Travel agency insists on deducting Rs. 3000,- and the passenger cannot do anything about it. Such thing could never happen in a country with law and order, while the affluent would not be bothered by such an amount, most of the middle class are hit hard by such behaviour. Millions of decent people are leaving as they find it hard to survive in such a jungle state.


Karachi, February 23.