Kruger, S Africa

It’s the type of encounter that can send panic through a herd, but this fearless springbok refused to turn and run after a crocodile popped out of the water in front of it.

At one point the predator’s snout was just inches from the springbok’s nose, but the bold gazelle didn’t back down as it casually sipped from a watering hole. Tourist Graham Hewer snapped the jaw-dropping scene as he visited Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The 29-year-old said the springbok simply walked away from the crocodile without giving it a second thought. The crocodile was close enough to attack the gazelle, but its would-be prey remained calm and seemed oblivious to the fact that it was at death’s door.

Graham’s series of photos show a herd of springboks sipping from the lake as they keep a watchful eye on a group of much larger crocodiles nearby.

His snaps then show the lone springbok drinking from the watering hole, moments before its encounter with the crocodile. The final photo shows the crocodile alone, with its razor-sharp teeth visible inside its gaping mouth.

Graham, a self-taught photographer from the South African capital of Pretoria, revealed he watched on in suspense, expecting the crocodile to kill the springbok almost instantly.