Islamabad -  The Islamabad High Court (IHC) will conduct today (Monday) hearing in the matter of an accused Sarwar Gondal, who is allegedly front man of Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials and has received kickbacks from the affectees of sector I-16 on account of compensations paid to them.

An IHC single bench comprising Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui will resume the hearing of the matter in which the court had previously issued arrest warrants of Sarwar Gondal, an alleged front man of CDA officials who allegedly received kickbacks from the affectees who are petitioners in this instant matter.

The IHC single bench had also directed the CDA to submit a detailed report of the compensations paid to the affectees of sector I-16.

The petitioners, who are affectees of sector I-16, had contended before the court that CDA paid compensation to them and later they took back half of the amount through their front man Sarwar Gondal.

While hearing the matter, Justice Siddiqui had expressed resentment over a CDA representative Nadeem Abro and observed that the development authority had deputed touts for payments to the affectees. He further said that these touts were playing havoc with the lives of the affectees.

After issuing the abovementioned directions, the IHC had deferred the hearing for further proceedings till March 16 (today).