KARACHI - The Rangers said that some ambulance services are being used to transport illegal weapons in Karachi and appealed the citizens to inform about any such instance on Rangers Helpline, reported a private TV channel.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Rangers spokesperson said that the employees of some relief and welfare organizations are involved in transporting illegal arms from one place to another. He stated so citing the revelations made by the suspects arrested a few days ago in Karachi, adding that some ambulance services are being used for carrying these arms.

The statement read that carriage of illegal arms is a serious crime and those involved in such activities will be arrested under the Sindh Arms Act, 2013.

The spokesperson appealed the masses to inform about any such activity on Rangers Helpline.

The Rangers has accelerated the ongoing Karachi operation to ensue law and order in the city and managed to arrest dozens of outlaws involved in various crimes including targeting killing, kidnapping and extortion.

Some days back, the Rangers had conducted a raid on MQM’s headquarters Nine-Zero and claimed to have held target killers and recovered huge cache of illegal weapons. Later, the Rangers presented dozens of individuals picked up from Nine-Zero and adjoining areas in anti-terrorism courts, many of whom have been detained for a 90-day remand.

Since the raid at Nine-Zero, the MQM has held several press conferences, clarifying its stance and trying to steer the party clear of allegations levied on it. The party has maintained that the weapons seized at its headquarters were licensed and were meant for security purposes only, in the face of imminent threats.