KHYBER AGENCY - A house of a wanted militant commander was demolished by security forces  in Aka Khel area of tehsil Bara, Khyber Agency on Sunday.

Sources said the house of militants commander Gul Amin Zakha Khel who was allegedly wanted by government in different cases was bulldozed.

On the other hand, unknown militants set ablaze three houses of local tribesmen, accusing them of having affiliation with Peace Laskar in Takhthkai, the remote area of Tirah valley, sources told.

They said that last night dozen of unknown militants equipped with sophisticated weapons appeared in the area and set on fire the houses of Shamat Khan, his brother Gulab Khan and others.

Properties worth of thousands rupees in the houses were turned into ashes but there was no loss of life as no one was present in house at the time of incident.