About noise pollution, it is well said by Robert Carlyle, “I rant and rave about noise pollution.”

Noise pollution refers to the sounds in the environment that are caused by humans and that threaten the health or welfare of human or animal inhabitants. Noise pollution is an emerging problem all over the world. Like all other pollutions, noise pollution is also grabbing the life of humans.

According to Southern Medical Journal Volume 100: March 2007,“in 1991 it was estimated that environmental noise increased by 10% in the decade of 1980’s”.

Pakistan is a developing country and level of noise pollution is not very high. But day by day, its level is rising. There are many reasons behind this problem but main reasons are urbanization, population growth and technological development. Moreover, people want luxurious life and want all the facilities of life. Excessive use of transportation like cars, loaded trucks and some other means of transport like train, aero planes aircrafts etc is raising the level of noise pollution, dramatically. In different recreational events, like concerts, wedding ceremonies and parties etc, a new technology of woofer is introduced for loud music, it is also playing an integral part in rising Noise pollution. Use of heavy machines in industries also generates noise pollution.

However, all these technologies are sign of development of any country but they are imposing drastic and adverse effects on human life. It causes early age deafness, increases aggression, depression, restlessness and high blood pressure etc. In research of 2005-2006,20% of adolescents 12 to 19 years old had some degree of hearing loss. This was up to 15 % as measured in 1988-1994.In another research, it was observed that at least 15% of adults have permanent hearing damage due to Noise pollution. Noise pollution also cause interference with works that require concentration .Mostly old age and ill people is disturbed. It also increases the rate of accidents.

So, both government and public should take an initiative to resolve this emerging pollution. Some precautionary measures should be adopted to lessen the noise pollution. For example, people should use government transport instead of personal ones. Industries should be constructed to remote areas so that people don’t disturb. People working in industry should use noise barriers. Avoid watching and listening TV and music respectively in high volume. Increase plantation as it is a good absorber of noise. Support and promote related activities and program. Different awareness campaigns should be started by government. Electronic and print media can also play a significant role in giving awareness. All these measures will help in minimizing the noise pollution, which is necessary to be adopted. Otherwise, it will act as a monster in life of people.

Jean Arp rightly said: “Soon silence will have passed in to legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day, he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from essence of life contemplation, medication.”

The writer is student of BS Environmental Science, NFC IET Multan.