MANDI BAHAUDDIN -The Mandi Bahauddin main branch of a bank lacks proper arrangements to disburse pension as there is only one counter where huge number pensioners is witnessed in the days of pension withdrawal.

The room has not enough space to accommodate the pensioners coming to the National Bank of Pakistan’s branch in hundreds. When the room is filled, pensioners queue up on the stairs and the queue stretches back to the entrance gate of the bank. In addition, it also lacks generator or other facility during loadshedding. The generator installed outside the bank was out of order.

As a result, the computer network remains non-functional and the pensioners have to wait for the electricity.

Meanwhile, a pensioner fell down from the stairs. Some pensioners seeing the situation went back their home. When asked, the pensioners said they had been facing lot of inconvenience since long in drawing pension. They demanded more counters for them to draw pension. There is no seating arrangement for them. The payment of pension continues up to 15th of each month so different dates should be fixed payment of pension, they said.