This is the heartwarming moment a tiny puppy was rescued from a steel pipe in Thailand after animal activists used soap and water to free it.

The dog, whose breed is not known, somehow got its entire body stuck in the device with only its nose and frightened eyes poking out the top.

A crowd gathered as animal rights workers tried to free the small animal, with a team of volunteers working tirelessly to make sure it escaped unharmed. After cracking through the pipe with electronic pliers, the little animal’s head remained stuck in a narrower section encasing its neck. Having tried and failed to free its head and ears, rescuers lathered the puppy’s face in soap for one last attempt.

Gently pushing its face downward, the pipe eventually popped off with the animal letting out a bark of relief. The bewildered dog was scooped up by rescuers after being washed of debris and soap as onlookers applauded their efforts.