Islamabad- A customs court in Rawalpindi dismissed supermodel Ayyan’s bail request today.

Customs officials detained Ayyan on Saturday for attempting to ship $500,000 out of the country through illegal means. Divulged before a Customs Court in Rawalpindi, she acquired the sum by selling a property to former interior minister Rehman Malik’s brother, Khalid Malik.

Khalid Malik was allegedly set to travel with Ayyan on the same flight on Saturday morning when she was detained. Judge Mumtaz Hassan Chaudhry presided over a hearing of Ayyan’s bail plea, during which she submitted a written response to the court.

The supermodel's plea for bail was rejected by the court. Customs officer Inspector Saleem had appealed to the court to permit a detailed investigation, into where the money came from and why it was being taken out of the country in greater detail. His plea was granted while Ayyan's was rejected.

The model apologized, and asserted that she had no knowledge of the law that bars citizens from carrying an undeclared amount exceeding $10,000 to a foreign country. Ayyan’s father Raja Hafeez, who was present at the hearing, claimed that the allegation against his daughter was "nothing but propaganda".

He also requested the court to investigate why Ayyan chose to sell her property to Khalid Malik. Raja Hafeez is reportedly unaware of what prompted his daughter to sell the property. However, the court dismissed her claims and said she was involved in money laundering.

Ayyan's lawyer, Khurram Latif Khosa, son of former governor Punjab, claimed that Ayyan was not going abroad with the smuggled money, and had acted under duress. The supermodel is currently being held in ladies barrack number six inside Adiala jail.

The model was detained at Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport. She was to travel to Dubai through Emirates Airline flight (EK-615). The Airport Security Force intercepted her and recovered the said amount from her luggage. The supermodel is currently being held in ladies barrack number six inside Adiala jail.