Islamabad- Interior Ministry Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that noose has been tightened around the terrorists, adding that extremist approach is eyeing division of Pakistan, while urging the political parties to think above and beyond politics to root-out terrorism.

Briefing the National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior in Islamabad today, he said the overall law and order situation has improved to a great deal, as a result of government's effective counter terrorism policy. He however asked the nation to stand firm, to take the war on terror to its logical conclusion.

Deploring the terrorist attack on Churches in Lahore as an inhumane act, the Interior Minister said those who perpetrated the act do not belong to any religion. No religion of the world allows such acts. He said those who took the law into their hand in the wake of the incident, also forwarded the agenda of terrorists who want to create wedge, division, discord and frustration in the society.

He said the terrorists are now targeting soft targets including mosques, churches and school in utter desperation and we should remain united to foil their nefarious designs.

He said that war on terror is not easy at all. Nisar said that when Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) came in power, several bomb blasts used to occur in a day and the government has been successful in reducing the number. He said that attacks on mosques and churches depict wretched condition of banned outfits.

Pakistan is in a state of war for past as many as 13 years, he added. The Interior Minister said that further steps are needed for complete eradication of militancy in the country. He said that terrorists attack easy targets. When he became a federal minister several important files were missing, he added. When they tried to pursue several cases, there was no record present for the investigation. Nisar said that he is trying to get the record of Interior Ministry computerized to prevent further loss of important data.

Nisar urged the political parties of the country to think above and beyond politics to root-out terrorism. He said that at least three people were freed two months ago in wake of international agreements. The minister said that making decisions in favor of the national interest is his utmost dedication as Interior Minister. He said that the protesters who damage public property are actually encouraging terrorists’ agenda.

Nisar said that he has sent back a contingent of as many as 22 Rangers personnel appointed for his protection. The ministry would not provide extra security to anybody but Prime Minister (PM) and the President, he added. Nisar said that the duty of the Rangers and the armed forces is to protect the country and its people. The minister said that no political opponent would be included in the Exit Control List (ECL).