MANDI BAHAUDDIN -The culture of extortion is taking roots here as money is extorted from transporters in the name of Adda and parking fees, it is learnt.

Extortionists have set up points on exit points of Phalia in addition to the TMA-run offices set up for fee collection from transporters. Similar points for rickshaws, vans, motorbikes and cycles have also been established in Mandi Bahauddin city at railway station, College Chowk, DHQ Hospital and Judicial Complex. The mafia with connivance of the administration, charges Rs30, Rs20 for parking small vehicles and motorbikes respectively. People demand that they should be given protection from extortion mafia as it is their right to visit public places like courts, railway station and use roads for travelling.

Extorting money in the name of parking fee is unlawful and violation of the human right, they added. They demand that the government should take notice of unauthorised extortion points and parking areas and direct district administration to take legal action against the same.

ROBBERY: Unknown bandits barged into the office of a company on Phalia Road and made off with Rs70,000 in cash, a digital camera and 3,000 USBs. The office is located in the basement of Habib Banks Ltd Phalia Road where security guard was supposed to be present and alert. Flex co Printers Administrator Javed Iqbal reported the incident to the police but his case was not registered till filing the report.