LOS ANGELES-Gigi Hadid immediately feels ‘’stronger’’ when she adorns Balmain garments and can feel the brand’s creative director Olivier Rousteing’s ‘’energy’’ in his creations.

The 21-year-old supermodel has praised the 31-year-old fashion designer as an ‘’awesome’’ person, and has admitted she always ‘’falls in love’’ with his creations for the French fashion house because they leave her feeling empowered when she wears them on the runway.

Speaking about the creative director of the luxury label, the blonde beauty said: ‘’Obviously Olivier as a person, but as a designer I think he is so awesome. He always brings a different element to the fashion week and there is nothing like his pieces. So, it’s always awesome to be in the show, and I feel like I fall in love with a different part of every look.

‘’Just slip on [his garments] and I feel stronger.’’

And the catwalk icon - who is currently dating singer Zayn Malik - believes the French-born creator hand picks ‘’powerful women’’ he wants to grace the catwalk in his fashion show and to be a part of the Balmain Army.

She continued: ‘’He really picks girls that he thinks has a strong look, he wants beautiful, powerful women, and I think that energy we feel from him and his clothes.’’

And fellow model Jourdan Dunn, 26, has credited the star for standing up for diversity and including women of all ethnicities in his presentations and campaigns.

She said: ‘’What Olivier stands for? He stands for diversity. He is all about championing that always, in the shows, and his collections, he is showing women of all ethnicity, it is a strong thing to be a part of. You definitely feel that when you’re walking down the runway in these beautiful garments, you feel empowered.’’

Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima is ‘’grateful’’ Olivier is open to embracing the ‘’modern woman’’ with his designs and commercials.

Speaking in a video with Allure Online, the Brazilian brunette beauty said: ‘’I feel grateful when I see designers like Olivier embracing the modern woman.’’