KARACHI -  Speakers at a conference discussing measures to counter terrorism and radicalisation, stressed that radicalisation is not confined to any geographical sphere and not bound by any religious or other belief.

The two-day moot on ‘Countering Radicalisation and Terrorism in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia in the wake of International Migration - Moving Towards Harmony’, was organised by the University of Karachi’s Area Study Centre for Europe in collaboration with Hanns Seidel Foundation, Islamabad.

The first session was chaired by former cabinet secretary to the government of Pakistan, Dr Masuma Hasan.

Talking about the phenomenon and concept of radicalisation in a historical perspective, Dr. Bettina Robotka, Research Associate at Humbolt University, Berlin, mentioned that radicalisation is a process which is not confined to any geographical sphere and is not bound by any religious or other belief.

Dr. Bettina raised questions regarding the causes of  radicalisation in human societies across the globe.

A speaker Dr Arshi Saleem Hashmi from National Defence University, Islamabad, talking about fallout effects of radicalisation in Pakistan maintained that religious radicalisation is a global phenomenon, but Pakistan is facing the fallout of instability in Afghanistan.

Another speaker Air Commodore (retd) Khalid Iqbal, talked about the politicisation of terrorism in South Asia and its impact on counter terrorism.

Prof Adnan Sarwar Khan, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Peshawar, focused on accelerating dialogues among different segments of societies in Europe, Middle East and South Asia.

Nikhat Sattar, Adviser at Indus Resource Centre, Karachi, talked about the role of academia in influencing policies.

Dr Markus Heidingsfelder, assistant professor of school of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Habib University, talked about the local and international media in countering radicalisation.

Summing up the proceedings of two days conference, former Senator and ex-federal minister Javed Jabbar appreciated the efforts of the Area Study Centre for Europe in organising the conference on the pertinent subject.