Recently, it was revealed that the UAE government has been secretly using foreign mercenaries to murder leaders of an elected political party of Yemen, called Al-Islah, which was Saudi Arabia’s ally, while being part of a Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The UAE government is heading down a twisted path with linkages to the Qatar blockade through website hacking, while also doing business with Israel. Their government has also threatened Pakistan when we didn’t take sides in the fishy Yemeni war.

Considering this dangerous and alarming recent history of the country, I am shocked to find out that our government has allowed them to setup mobile hospitals with surgery facility in Balochistan. I seriously believe that such a facility would be for the UAE mercenaries, or hired proxies in Balochistan, rather than for the local poor Pakistanis.

I therefore request the government to either deny UAE charity programs in Pakistan, or keep a very close and watchful eye on all activities of UAE sponsored facilities in Pakistan.


Peshawar, March 2.