ISLAMABAD   -   Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday expressed his shock over the terrorist attack on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand and strongly condemned the attack, which caused loss of precious human lives.

“This reaffirms what we have always maintained that terrorism does not have a religion. Prayers go to the victims and their families,” the Prime Minister said in a Tweet posted on his social media account. He said, “I blame these increasing terror attacks on the current Islamophobia post-9/11 where Islam and 1.3 billion Muslims have collectively been blamed for any act of terror by a Muslim.”

“This has been done deliberately to also demonise legitimate Muslim political struggles,” the Prime Minister added.

The Foreign Office also condemned the massacre in New Zealand mosques.

FO spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal said Pakistan condemned the tragic terrorist incident in New Zealand. He said Pakistan High Commission was in touch with the local authorities to ascertain details on the incident.

Dr Faisal said, “Syed Moazzam Shah, Minister Political, Pakistan High Commission in New Zealand, Cell +64 21 779 495 is our focal point. Media queries however may be directed to Spokesperson in Islamabad.”

Dr Mohammad Faisal also said four Pakistanis had been injured in the terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The spokesperson tweeted that four injured Pakistanis were being treated in hospitals while five Pakistanis were missing. Identities were being authenticated in consultation with local authorities, he said.