After visiting some local government offices of different departments in Peshawar, I was very surprised to see the stark differences between some departments in terms of luxury office items.

For example, in Peshawar, if one looks at the office of PKHA MD, we would find large LCD TVs, air conditioners, and renovated offices and furniture. Conversely, if we visit the office of the newly established KP Food Authority, we would find minimum furniture and low value equipment.

Such differences and extra luxuries create inequality among government workers, while also promoting nepotism and corruption due to the creation of competition for the ‘wealthy’ postings. Even now, the PKHA office has issued a new tender for renovation of their conference room worth Rs.40 Lac.

Therefore, I think the Government should implement rules that ensure all government offices have equal value furniture, and no government funds are wasted on renovations and luxury items, especially when the government has announced austerity program for Pakistan.


Peshawar, March 2