LAHORE            -            Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not a dangerous like dengue and other contagious diseases but it needs to be careful and adopt precautionary measures. This was stated by ENT Specialist Dr Khalid Hussain of Services Hospital Lahore, adding that there was no need of spreading panic as it could be harmful for the business activities and foreign investment in the country. He said that no casualty had so far been reported in Pakistan particularly in Punjab. He said that no doubt it had engulfed around 150 countries in the world specially in Italy, China, Iran and other countries. He said that its solution was only to adopt protective measures because its vaccine could not be prepared so far. However, China had succeeded in preparing a testing kit for its early diagnose. Responding to a question, Dr Khalid said that, “Its survival time period on hands is ten minutes and after ten minutes, it ultimately expired while on cloths its time span is around two hours and expired by spreading cloths in sunshine.” He advised people to avoid ice-cream and other cold drinks and use tea and coffee as this virus grew in cold environment. To another question, he said that next fifteen days were crucial because it could not survive over the 26 Centigrade. Giving guidelines for protection from this virus, he said that people should ensure cleanliness at their workplaces and should adopt good hygiene and infection control practices.