Islamabad                    -             Finance Division has released Rs5 billion to Special Federal Development Programme for Temporarily Displaced Persons (TDPs) against the total allocations of Rs32.5 billion in the PSDP 2019-20, while for security enhancement around Rs6 billion over and above the allocations have been released.

Of the total Rs32.5 billion allocations in the Federal PSDP block allocations managed by the Finance Division Rs5 billion have been released till March 2020, while for Security enhancement against the allocation of Rs32.5 billion, Rs38.456 billion have been released, official data shared by the Federal Ministry for Planning, Development and Special Initiative reveals.

Out of the total allocation of Rs149.987 billion under block managed by Finance Division the authorisation for releases till March 13,2020  were Rs77.655 billion. Releases to Programmes under block allocations are made by Finance Division. Prime Minister’s Youth & Hunarmand Programme, which comes under block allocation, out of total allocations of Rs10 billion, Rs1516.216 million has been released. For Clean Green Pakistan Movement / Tourism no releases has been issued while the total allocation was Rs2 billion.

For Gas Infrastructure Development Cess no releases have been made and the total allocation was Rs987 million. For the Merged Areas 10 Years Development Plan Rs23 billion has been released against the total allocation of Rs48 billion.

Release of Rs9 billion against the total allocations of Rs24 billion for Merged Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been made by the finance division.

Similarly out of the total PSDP of Rs701 billion during fiscal 2019-20 the total authorisations allowed by the Planning commission are Rs465.269 billion. For Ministries/ Division against the total allocation of Rs299.57 billion authorisations have been issued for the release of Rs193.64 billion.

For Aviation Division  the total allocations in the PSDP were Rs1266.505 million including rupee component of Rs877.005 million and Foreign Exchange Component(FEC) of Rs389.500 million, however the total authorisations of Rs1652.452 million were made for releases which include Rs1324.873 million of FEC. To Board of Investment Rs80 million of total allocations for Rs100 million were authorized. Of Rs 45.986 billion allocations for the Cabinet Division Rs 30.180 billion have been authorised. 

For Climate Change Division total allocation of Rs 7.58 billion, Rs 6.05 billion have been authorised. For Commerce Division Rs 50 million has been authorised against the allocation of Rs 100 million. Of the Communications Division (other than NHA) against the allocation of Rs 248.31 million, authorisation of Rs 176.933 has been allowed. For Defence Division Rs1456 million allocation, authorisation of Rs 251.589 million were made.

For Federal Education & Professional Training Division authorisation of Rs 2372.60 million against the allocation of Rs 4741.138 million was made, for Higher Education Commission against the total allocation of Rs 29/,197 billion authorisation of Rs 22.739 billion has been made. For Railways Division authorisation of Rs 10.144 billion has been allowed, the total allocation for the division was Rs 16 billion.

Similarly for Water Resource division against the total allocation of Rs 85.73 billion authorisation of Rs 52.61 has been made. For corporations against the allocation of Rs201.60 billion authorisation of Rs 157.72 billion has been allowed.