ISLAMABAD - Eyebrows have been raised over the interaction of members of the National Assembly Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir, belonging to Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement, PTM, with Afghan army officials during their recent visit to Afghanistan.

Both lawmakers have never shied from using insolent and offensive language towards the Pakistan army.

Their anti-army stance has often been a source of surprise for many as there is an undeniable fact that the Pakistan army has done an excellent job in rooting out terrorism from the tribal regions of the country and is now spearheading infrastructure and social development in the region.

But as evident in the pictures released during their Afghanistan visit, both lawmakers could hardly hold their smiles while meeting with the Afghan army officials and intelligence handlers.

Many people have wondered why both lawmakers were so overjoyed while meeting with the Afghan army, and why didn’t a ‘uniform’ irk them while they were across the border.

The episode has once again exposed the anti-state agenda under the guise of a campaign for the human rights of these lawmakers.