The Iranian President recently came on a 'working visit' to Pakistan that has been a landmark never the less because of the long pause out of the bitterness witnessed in the relations of our two historically and culturally tied Muslim nations. For years, Pakistan stood isolated from all four sides mainly due to our relations with the US. The PPP and PML-N governments should be credited for this break through in the relations with the neighbouring Iran now. With the coming into power of the new coalition; there has been resumption in the friendly ties between the two countries. The Iranian President's offer for 1,100 megawatts of power, and his go-ahead on the IPI gas pipeline project, would certainly usher in an era of change, development and prosperity in the region. The offer was particularly important in view of the fact that Pakistan is facing the most acute energy crisis of its history. India, on the other hand, seems unduly disturbed over Iran's peaceful overtures towards Pakistan and Sri Lanka where President Ahmadi Nejad is scheduled to inaugurate a hydropower project and an oil refinery, besides signing an agreement to provide low-interest credit to Colombo for fighting the Tamil rebellion. That is why a wave of propaganda against Iranian President's new moves has been unleashed in the Indian press and web portals. -DR FARYAL FAROOQ, Karachi, via e-mail, April 29.