The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and its head Muhammad ElBaradei, have proved to be watchdogs of Bush and Israel. It is now Syria's turn after Iran. Let us not consider the nuclear reactor issue in isolation or as country-specific. Let us consider it from a human perspective. Hundreds of countries are energy-famished today. They are faced with a situation where no electricity means no water to drink, no agriculture and hence, no food. Moreover, the oil crisis stalks 90 percent of the world. Why does not the IAEA study the power needs of such countries and allow them nuclear energy plants? Why should nuclear energy be only the prerogative of a few rich countries? IAEA should adopt a structured approach towards allowing all energy-deficient countries and should not be blackmailed by the neo-cons in Washington. Live, and let the poor also live. -PRO POOR REFORMIST, Lahore Cantt., via e-mail, April 29.