KARACHI - Oil consumption in the country posted a decent growth of 10.26 percent as unveiled by the recent OCAC figures for 10 Month of FY08. Total volume of the POL products (ex. non-energy) posted 15.5 million tons in 10MFY08 against 14.07mn in 10MFY07. Local refineries provided 844k tons whereas remaining 51 percent of the consumption was met through imports (96% imports for FO and HSD in April-08. Two major White Oil products, HSD & Mogas, were the drivers fueling growth path posting 14 percent and 30 percent Year-on-Year growth, respectively. The combined volume of the two (HSD & Mogas) was 7.06 million tons in 10MFY08 (51 percent of the total volumes) over 6.79mn tons in 10MFY07. This was due to refueling demand amid reduced smuggling of the Iranian products (Mogas) and increased utilization (HSD) in transportation and power generators due to acute electricity shortage observed. Other than HSD & Mogas, White Oil products - HOBC, JP-8, JP-1 and Kero - witnessed volume growth of only 1.9 percent Year-on-Year with 1.10 million tons. Black Oil (FO & LDO), on the other hand, posted growth of 5 percent with 6.50 million tons in 10 Month of FY08 against 6.18 million tons last year. However, in volumetric terms, Black Oil added 23 percent to the total volume increase in 10MFY08 whereas HSD's & Mogas's contributions remained 19 percent and 57 percent (76 percent combined). FO growth of around 6 percent came amid Wapda and other IPPs' scaled demand due to reduced gas supplies to power plants during most of 10MFY08 (slower growth amid 97 percent steep rise in its price in July-April, 08 while 49 percent increase Year-on-Year). The POL products consumption in April-08 posted growth of 8.77 percent Year-on-Year with White Oil growing by 13.5 percent Year-on-Year - mainly driven by Mogas (25.4 percent), HSD (10.6 percent) and Kero (42.0 percent Year-on-Year). The government's price pass-on and the widened gap between regulated products and alternatives like CNG & LPG have impacted HSD & Mogas volumes in April-08 growing by only 7 percent and 3 percent on Month-on-Month basis (9.4 percent & 12.0 percent Month-on-Month in Mar-08), respectively. Kero's growth was also a result of its constant price coupled with greater usage among rural areas amid electricity breakdowns. Greater hassle and increased waiting time at CNG filling due to greater price differential also compelled people to go for HSD & Mogas (low-base effect too). Black Oil marked a growth of only 2.89 percent Year-on-Year (3.7 percent for FO and -40.1 percent for LDO) Year-on-Year in April-08 amid higher FO prices (97 percent up Year-on-Year) and sharp decline in LDO consumption owing to 1) rising prices and 2) low agricultural activities amid late harvest observed. PSO secured largest slice of 76 percent of the market share pie in 10 Month of FY08 against 68 percent last year by punching in an extraordinary volumetric growth of 25 percent Year-on-Year in volumes. Shell stood with 14.9 percent Year-on-Year - a 100bps improved share due to 16 percent volume growth while APL shared 5.4 percent of the market - a slight decline of 9bps Year-on-Year due to registering slow volume growth of only 2 percent Year-on-Year in 10 Month of FY08.