Punjab government has taken the right step of recovering land from encroachers to complete the overhead bridge at Niazbeg Thokar. So far, encroachments on roadsides up to the Motorway overhead bridge have been marked to be removed. I suggest the authorities should widen the Multan Road up to Chuhng by adding a lane on the left side of the road going from Thokar to Chuhng. At present, this spot is a bottleneck where traffic remains jammed most of the time. Plenty of encroachments from Motorway overhead to Chuhng on left side of the road exist that must be removed to widen it. Unfortunately, entry and exit points on major roads to and from the city are neither wide enough nor regulated properly to allow free flow of increasing traffic. Punjab government's action in this direction will go a long way to ease public miseries. Every government in the past worked for only the upper class of the society; let us see if the present Punjab government works in the interest of the downtrodden. -MIRZA TUFTAN BAIG, Lahore, via e-mail, April 28.