The country is stricken with a variety of shocks. It is writhing with electric (load shedding) shocks. It is writhing with flour-shortage shocks. It is writhing with judiciary shocks. All these shocks are violently jolting the country. The masses are piteously watching. Their eyes are getting blurred and blurred. The blind Pakistanis are extremely lucky. They can't see what has been happening in the country. Had they not been blind they would have cursed their eyes for showing them what the eyes would have shown them. Ask the normal Pakistanis what they have been feeling about what they have been seeing. The poor masses are hit the hardest by the flour-shortage. Today starvation-suicides are as common in the country as suicidal attacks are common in Iraq and Afghanistan. A country which cannot feed its poor citizens is more barbaric than a jungle. Ethics commands that no citizen must have butter unless every citizen has had bread. But we detest ethics. We can't allow it to interfere in our national affairs. In order to make fun of ethics, we have allocated all our butter to a tiny minority and all our starvation to the poor masses who constitute the majority. The load shedding has paralysed the national industry. The industry has developed a breathing-problem. The trade deficit is growing at a horrific rate. More and more workers are being flung out of the factories. More unemployment means more starvation. And more starvation means more starvation-suicides. For the poor man, the cheapest and easiest way of getting rid of starvation is sudden self-extinction. One shudders to think what the starving masses would have done if suicide had not been available to them free of charge The judiciary dilemma has been brutally rocking the country. The Nawaz League and the PPP have been discussing the problem. They held their first meeting in Dubai. The meeting was an utter fiasco. They were not disappointed. They held another meeting. This time it was in London. The second meeting was also a fiasco. Where would a third meeting be held if it was held at all? Most probably it would be held in New York for the entertainment of our American friends. The two leaders have great differences. But they have one thing in common. They agree that Pakistan is not a fit place for discussing Pakistan's problems. Does Pakistan feel humiliated? Only Pakistan can tell. The PPP and the Nawaz League have been arguing and arguing about the judiciary problem. But so far they have not been able to reach an agreement. No doubt, the judiciary problem is an extremely serious national problem. But there is another problem which is a more serious problem than the judiciary problem. It is our poverty problem. Would that the PPP and the League give this problem the same priority which they have given to the judiciary problem. We have money for making atomic weapons. We have money for making missiles. But we have no money for feeding our starving masses. Numerous Pakistanis keep dying of starvation on a regular basis. We annually spend billions of Rupees for the country's defence. We can't allow our enemies to desecrate our sacred motherland. But we don't mind if starvation keeps tearing apart the stomachs of our poor masses. We would never allow our enemies to intrude into our country and kill our masses. To kill our poor masses through starvation is our own prerogative. The London talks are ashes. Human history tells us that when arguments fail, blood decides the issue. Are our streets destined to be reddened by the blood of the pro-judiciary missionaries? God forbid Unfortunately, blood shedding is a very common feature of our social set-up. Very many Pakistanis have already solved their starvation problem by shedding their own blood. As things have developed, the lawyers have only two options. Either they would have to sacrifice their own blood for achieving their objective or they would have to sacrifice the objective itself. Poverty is the mother of crimes. An empty stomach either kills itself or it becomes a professional criminal. Poverty and crimes are bosom friends. As poverty has been up surging in the country so social crimes have been simultaneously up surging. Today, the common citizens are at the mercy of the criminals. Had the rulers been sensitive about the country's poverty problem, the citizens would never have been so miserable. If the citizens cannot protect themselves against the criminals they are free to migrate to some jungle. For the starving man there is only one justice. It is bread. Give a piece of bread to a starving man. He would excitedly smell it and proclaim: "What a wonderful smell of justice the bread is radiating."