At least 15 militants were killed while several others sustained injuries in shelling by the security forces' fighter jets in Upper Orakzai Agency. The security forces, during the raid have also destroyed four hideouts of militants. On the other hand, militants have released 40 out of 60 people, kidnapped on Saturday from Karam Agency while 10 people were succeeded to flee. According to media reports, the security forces' fighter jets pounded two havens of extremists in Wali Khan Qamar, Gujar Qila and according to official sources, 15 militants were killed while over 10 were injured. The security forces used light and heavy weapons in the raid. It is noted that the bombardment on hideouts of militants have been continued for the last two months in different areas of the Agency and 98 percent population of Upper Tehsil of Orakzai Agency have migrated and the remaining 2 percent population have no option but to stay in the area due to shortage of resources. On the other hand, there has been severe shortage of edibles in Mamozai area. Meanwhile, 40 out of 60 people abducted by militants in the area of Khuram Agency on Saturday have been released. The 40 people have been released by militants after negotiations with Jirga. The kidnappers have shifted the remaining 10 militants to their safe hideouts and no clear situation has been emerged regarding the release of abducted people.