ISLAMABAD (AFP) - Five Americans held in Sargodha on terrorism charges informed a judge in written statements Saturday that they were innocent and keen to return to the United States, a defence lawyer said. The men aged between 19 and 25 are being tried behind closed doors at an anti-terrorism court in a district jail in Sargodha, where they were arrested in December. They were indicted in March and have denied charges of funnelling money to outlaws and of plotting a terror attack. They face life in prison if convicted. The men have again professed their innocence in separate written statements submitted to the judge, Mian Anwar Nazeer, defence lawyer Hassan Katchela said. They denied the charges, insisting that they opposed violence and bloodshed and had been engaged in peace and social work, Katchela told AFP by telephone after the court adjourned until May 21. Seven charges have been filed against the five suspects, Umar Farooq, Waqar Hussain, Rami Zamzam, Ahmad Abdullah Mini and Amman Hassan Yammer. My only wish is to be back home and join my mom, Mini said in his statement to the judge. She always taught me to be kind to the people and be peaceful. I never wanted to disobey my parents. I miss them and I wish to return home as soon as possible, Mini wrote. Claiming to be a liberal person, Mini also told the judge he once won an inter-school breakdancing contest in his home state of Virginia, his lawyer said. Mini, who said he ran an organisation in the US called Protest for Peace, said he had been inspired after seeing a movie 'Kite Runner in 2008 and decided to go and do charity work in Afghanistan. The movie, about two boys war-wracked childhood in Afghanistan, also inspired Waqar Hussain, who was quoted by Katchela as telling the judge that it had inspired him to help Afghanistans people. I always worked for peace and would like to be in my country soon. I want to complete my studies in radiology and live with my beautiful fiancee, his lawyer quoted him as telling the judge. Defence lawyers last month cross-examined nine prosecution witnesses including district police chief Usman Anwar, who said the suspects were plotting to conduct a campaign terror in Pakistan. Investigators believe the men planned to travel from Sargodha to South Waziristan. Prosecution lawyer Nadeem Cheema confirmed that the accused had denied the charges. The case may be concluded sometime next month, Cheema said.